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Members Only Lounge

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A Special Message From Shanna

To all my FABULOUS members,

I want to thank you for joining FABWOMEN and for your continued support. It is my desire to add value, benefits and resources to make this community the strongest one in all of VA. I believe that we are all powerful women, and together, we can be unstoppable. I look forward to serving and supporting you in your business and personal growth now and in the future.

Make it a FAB day
Shanna Kabatznick
Founder and CEO

Membership Benefits

  • Customized listing on FABWOMEN.ME Membership Directory. Includes:
    • Your pictures, logos and various social media links
    • Listing will allow visitors to click back to your website
    • Listing will also allow visitors to contact you directly from membership directory
  • Access to FABWOMEN Private Facebook Group
  • Reduced Event Fees ($25 vs $35 non-members)
  • FREE Members Only Events
  • Special Savings on Sponsorship Packages (worth $125 per sponsorship)
  • FREE 3 strategic planning calls in regards to branding, content marketing and client retention strategies. (worth $500)


  • New Samsung Tab E free
  • $50 credit per line
  • Free selected devices*
  • Unlimited data, talk and text available

*based on availability

for more information click the Sprint logo:



A tailored selection of Aflac policies at a discounted member’s rate.

Some of the policies  included  are accident, cancer, critical care and more.

For more information click the AFLAC logo:


Four things to remind yourself daily - I am amazing -I can do anything -positivity is a choice- I am prepared to succeed.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I find other members information?

A: You can visit membership directory, you will also be able to send them a message via the directory since their email will not be public

Q:  Does my membership allow me to go to any location?

A: Yes, with your membership you can go to any location and always just pay the members registration price

Q: Once I am signed in how do I sign out?

A: Go back to your profile and use the sign out tab on the top 

Q: Is my payment information secured?
A: Yes, we take great pride and having all our pages secured so that your information can be protected
Q: What if I want to be a speaker for an event?
A: Go to the FAB Opportunities tab which will allow you to choose to either sponsor or be a speaker and complete the application.
Q: Is there an early bird price for event registration?
A: Yes, there is a discount for those that register within the first 5 days an event goes live.
Q: I have another question not applied here, where can I go?
A: Please go to the Contact Us page on the website and we will make sure to respond to you within the next 48 hours.