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Undercover Leader: How To Find Your Power In Everyday Life @ Common House
May 17 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Have you ever been offered an incredible leadership opportunity, but declined because you felt unready or unqualified? You are capable of more than you know, and sometimes you need a little nudge to discover the greatness within.

Uncover hidden leadership skills with Robin Kaczka, as she joins us for our Charlottesville FAB event. Robin will inspire and prepare you to be more open to leadership opportunities that present themselves in both personal and professional capacities. She will share her own story and the steps she’s taken to develop into the strong leader she is today. You will be given tools to nurture your leadership growth and discern the best leadership opportunities that present themselves in the most surprising packages.

Robin will also:

  • Inspire you to uncover and develop your leadership skills
  • Teach you one guide or method to discover your leadership
  • Encourage you to find the people who will support your leadership development

Don’t miss this interactive presentation. Discover the hidden leader within and get to work!



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Turning Pain Into Purpose @ Holiday Inn Express
May 21 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Turning Pain into Purpose

Stories of inspiration and hope from the Emotionally Naked blog

TEDx and motivational speaker, Anne Moss Rogers, has built a following on the tabooist of subjects–suicide, and the mental illnesses that often trigger it. Despite her family’s best efforts, her 20-year-old son, Charles Aubrey Rogers, died by suicide June 5, 2015 after many years of struggle with anxiety, depression and ultimately a heroin addiction.

Grief stricken and terrified, she published a newspaper article about her family’s tragedy that went viral, creating a following for her blog, Emotionally Naked.

This presentation is about her journey to healing by dragging an unpopular topic into the spotlight, and how a blog community that came together in their shared pain has saved lives in the most surprising and unconventional of ways.

Charles’ death did not mark the end of her journey but the beginning of a new one that includes promoting her son’s legacy of letting others know they matter.


  • Our greatest wisdom is often the result of our deepest wounds
  • You can overcome adversity, find hope, and live again
  • Real face-to-face connection is important to human beings and easy to deliver
  • Unforgettable moments create opportunities to be extraordinary


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Ladies Solo Salsa! @ Tangueros, LC
Jun 10 @ 7:00 pm – Jun 19 @ 9:00 pm
Ladies Solo Salsa! @ Tangueros, LC

Every women wants to dance to the infectious Latin rhythm Salsa! Here is the class to teach you how to look and feel great on the dance floor. Imagine yourself moving freely to the fantastic sounds of Salsa.

Our very own FAB member Deise (Maya) will teach you patterns and combinations designed exclusively for Solo or Freestyle dancing. This is a dance class for absolute beginners to Salsa or dancing.

(Who knows, if we have time, we can have a sample of belly dancing, too

Fee: Early-bird registration $15 until June 1st,

After June 1st, $20

Click on the button below to register by June 1st!

The actual class will be from 7:30-8:30, but make sure you come a bit early so you can visit with your friends and be ready to Salsa at 7:30.

No previous dance experience required. Come ready to shake your hips and have fun. Add a flower to your head and if you can, wear something with fringes! Trust me, fringes are FUN, specially for the “trouble makers” haha!

Dress up like the FAB women you are; it’s a Latin Dance party! Also, if you have a pair of dance shoes, bring them to change inside the studio

Running In Heels When You Feel Like Wearing Flats @ Meadowbrook Country Club
Jun 14 @ 8:45 am – 11:00 am

How many women can use their love of shoes and wine to create a nationally growing brand? Gwen Hurt can, and that’s exactly what she did with Shoe Crazy Wine! Local to Chesterfield, Gwen Hurt, along with her daughter has built a nationally recognized brand of wine, Shoe Crazy Wine, that can now be found in Wal-Marts across the country!

Gwen will be joining us for our June FAB Finale to share her story, her vision and how she was able to move forward in life, when things didn’t turn out as she expected. Life is fast paced and let’s face it, flats always feel better when you’re on the run, but those heels look so good!  You will learn from Gwen’s story that triumph is born out of tragedy. She will show you exactly how she made lemonade out of some tart lemons that were thrown at her.

As women, we have enough challenges trying to manage being a spouse, a parent, among many other titles. Gwen will share how she learned to grow a big business despite all the white noise surrounding her. She will share the challenges she incurred while growing her career and her business, including not only being a woman, but an African-American woman in a white male dominated industry. Gwen will inspire you. She will make you laugh. She will make you cry. And, mostly, she’ll make you want to drink a nice glass of wine while wearing your favorite shoes.

You will walk away from this event (in FABulous shoes, of course), having learned:

  • What you need to take care of and what you need to delegate when running a business
  • How to define your focus
  • How to silence the white noise
  • How to define a hobby over a career
  • Being quiet is not always the answer

Life is full of the unexpected. When life throws you a curveball, do you accept it, or do you throw it back? Learn from Gwen how to push through when the going gets tough. Throw on your best pair of shoes and join us for this ground breaking FAB finale. Register today!