Thank you Katie Lynn Studio for creating such a great introduction video for FABWOMEN.Katie, along with the many ladies featured in this video reassure me that what I'm doing matters and makes a difference. No one can imagine how proud it makes me when I read or hear comments on how FABWOMEN is making a difference for them. I'm so excited that you and many other ladies (too many to name but you know who you are) have chosen to be on this journey with me. I look forward to growing this community of extraordinary ladies and providing support either personally or proffessionaly. I appreciate your support in upholding my mission that "we are not about women in business but the business of women."

Posted by Fabwomen on Thursday, October 1, 2015

FABWOMEN a woman-focused, high energy, inviting group of women that come together to learn, laugh and connect. Through purpose filled events we develop personal and professional relationships that engage and enrich our lives.

What started as a meeting of just 20 women in 2014 has grown each month to over 70 and a membership of over 90.

It is so exciting to be a part of FAB Women! I have been with Shanna since the beginning sharing her vision to grow with women to Laugh, Learn, and Connect. As FAB Women grows, there is a bonding of women with lasting relationships. Come be yourself and have fun! You will be glad that you did! Debbie Harris

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FABWOMEN is my oxygen, the more impact it makes the more energy it gives me!

~ Shanna Kabatznick, CEO & Founder, FABWOMEN

On the morning of my first FABWomen meeting, I wondered why on earth I had paid for a meeting that would take me an hour and 20 minutes to get to? I’ve been to too many of these “network” meetings and wasn’t excited about going. Am I glad I did!!! The energy was contagious and what rings totally true to me is what the incredible Shanna says….”FAB is not about women doing business, it is about the business of women.” So grateful to be part of such an amazing group of genuine women! Thank you Shanna! Cynthia Stillwell

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